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Tim Pulte

Tim Pulte
Plant Director, Martinsburg Gravure Press
Quad/Graphics, Inc.

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If anyone can view the Mountain State with an unbiased eye, it’s Tim Pulte, plant director of Quad/Graphics, Inc., in Martinsburg. The Wisconsin native moved to West Virginia last year and he’s still discovering all the assets the state has to offer -- from fun recreational activities and a low cost of living, to friendly neighbors and dedicated employees.

Quad/Graphics is headquartered in Sussex, Wis. Its Martinsburg facility is one of the largest printers on the East Coast and lists National Geographic Magazine among several high-profile clients. Pulte has been with the company 29 years and has been at the Martinsburg plant since November 2010.

Q: Tell us a little bit about Quad/Graphics and its Martinsburg facility.

A: We needed an East Coast presence. We’ve been here in West Virginia since 1997. Originally, Martinsburg was going to be a retail insert plant and then we landed the National Geographic contract, which put us in the publication work. Martinsburg’s gravure press is among the newest and most advanced in the industry. It’s ideal for medium- to long-run insert, catalog and publication work. We also have web-offset presses and a finishing department. Our square footage is a little over 1.9 million square feet.

Q: Why did your company choose to locate in West Virginia?

A: Two key factors in opening a plant here were the lower cost of real estate and the central location. We have rail spurs into the plant. We’re right off the I-81 corridor and about an hour and a half from Washington D.C. The biggest East Coast publishers are in New York City, and we’re only a few hours away from there. The workforce is great, too. They’re a very dedicated, loyal and hardworking team.

Q: Where do you see Quad/Graphics’s Martinsburg facility in a few years? What are your company’s goals?

A: Obviously, we want to continue to be an East Coast presence and to maintain a large workforce. Our short-term plans include working and partnering with some of the other printers close by, like the Martinsburg Book plant. We recently purchased the World Color Press plant. We also have Winchester, Va., and we have some plants in Pennsylvania, too. We work closely with those facilities, but this is our “megaplant.” Martinsburg generates the most volume, and we want to maintain that level.

Q: On a personal note, what are the advantages of living here in West Virginia?

A: I love the weather. I love the scenery. I love the smell in the air. It’s beautiful country. The people here have been wonderful – very friendly. I haven’t seen a lot of the area since I just recently moved here, but I’m just starting to get out and spread my wings a little bit. My wife and I enjoy sightseeing, and I’m an avid golfer. We’re looking forward to touring the wine country. And everywhere you go in West Virginia, there’s a story behind it. There’s a lot of history.

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