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Harry Siegel

Veteran-owned small business uncovers $7 billion in stimulus fraud

HMS Technologies, Inc.
HMS TECHNOLOGIES, INC., uses hardware, software, people and process to solve government problems. Most recently, the Martinsburg-based company found $7 billion in stimulus fraud.

“You see that you've delivered work with honor... Being able to make a difference in the federal government -- we’ve done some incredible things,” HMS TECHNOLOGIES President and CEO Harry M. Siegel said of the work.

Located 70 miles outside D.C., the company is the prime contractor for the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board. The advanced IT systems integrator monitors American Recovery and Reinvestment Act spending for abuse.

Recently, the Small Business Administration awarded Siegel with the Entrepreneurial Success Award for 2011 for Region 3, which is the top entrepreneur for the states of Delaware, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland, D.C., and West Virginia.  About 90 percent of government contractors work in this region.

“It’s a beautiful award and while it’s a personal award I really consider all of my personal awards team awards.  No one person can win an award like that without a wonderful team.”  

In only its seventh year in operation, HMS TECHNOLOGIES is on target to do about $50 million in annual sales this year. “We’re continuing to grow and expand our technology capabilities and doing good things for veterans and the community,” Siegel said.

“West Virginia is known for coal.  It’s not known for technology.  I’m proud that HMS TECHNOLOGIES in our own little way has done something to dispel the myth that there are no technologists in West Virginia, because there are.”

Siegel, a service-disabled naval veteran of the Vietnam War, chose to make West Virginia his home 17 years ago.  Although happy with his career as a government contractor, Siegel says that he wanted a lifestyle change.  One Saturday morning he told his wife that he wanted to move from their Gaithersburg, Md., home and buy a horse farm.  She responded by asking him how quickly they could relocate.  “We wanted a life where you could see the stars at night, where people were kind and gentle.”  After an extensive search, the Siegels found Maralie, a horse farm in Falling Waters, W.Va.
Over the past two decades, Siegel and his wife have rescued more than 250 animals, including horses, dogs, cats, donkeys, goats, rabbits and a bull.  “We have some creatures on the farm we don‘t even want,” he joked.

In addition to Siegel’s individual awards, HMS TECHNOLOGIES has been ranked on DiversityBusiness.com’s lists of top 100 privately-held businesses in the state, the top 100 disabled veteran-owned businesses in the United States and the nation’s top 500 veteran-owned businesses.  

Siegel attributes his success to two main principles.  “There are two things that are absolutely crucial to me for us to be set apart and different than our competitors.  One is the concept of responsiveness – every phone call, every email, every day, everybody.  I expect everyone in my corporation from the most senior to the most junior to operate that way,” he explained.

Secondly, Siegel employs the use of what he calls ‘the five C’s’ – Country, Clients, Colleagues, Corporation and Cost-Control.  “It’s the way I run the company,” he said.  “If something is not good for our country, or for the client that we’re getting ready to serve, or for my colleagues, teammates and/or contemporaries who will be working the effort, or my corporation or I can’t cost-control it, I will not go after it and will not perform the work.”

Siegel likes to employ local talent whenever possible and sees West Virginia as a great recruiting ground.  

“I would tell you that the people in West Virginia that we’ve met, worked with, befriended, hired, teamed with and whatever are as gentle and as committed and as bright and as capable as any people in America.

"My number two and number three employees are from West Virginia and they are still my number two and number three employees.  One is my senior vice president and another is my CFO.  And these people grew with me.  And over time we kept bringing in talented, bright, capable people.”  

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