Forestry honors 5-Year Loggers of Excellence in Kanawha and Putnam counties

Forestry honors 5-Year Loggers of Excellence in Kanawha and Putnam counties

CHARLESTON, W.Va. – Two Charleston-area businesses were among 21 companies recognized recently by the West Virginia Division of Forestry as 5-Year Loggers of Excellence.

C&B Logging, Inc. of Cedar Grove and D&K Logging, Inc. of Fraziers Bottom were cited for completing five consecutive years’ work in full compliance with the West Virginia Logging Sediment Control Act. 

In addition, 121 companies were named 2011 Loggers of Excellence for their year’s work in full compliance with the state’s water quality and sedimentation laws. 

The WVDOF recognized recipients of both awards at the A.B. Brooks Forestry Symposium in Charleston in February.

Also in February, the Senate acknowledged the 5-Year Loggers of Excellence companies in a resolution recognizing their outstanding contributions to the state’s forest products industry.

Assistant State Forester Jeremy McGill oversees the Division of Forestry’s Logger of Excellence program and said earning the achievement, especially the five-year recognition, is no small task. “West Virginia’s logging sediment laws are among the toughest in the nation. Even a potential water quality violation will result in being disqualified, so to be recognized as a West Virginia Logger of Excellence means you are truly working above and beyond the levels necessary to protect the state’s water resources.”

The program is based on a calendar year’s work.  Lists of 2011 and 5-Year Loggers of Excellence are available at

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