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Caving in West Virginia


West Virginia’s splendor is not only found on the surface, but deep below it in its many caverns as well. Explorations can reveal one of the best kept secrets below the mountains. Locals will share their “secret” spots, but lots of caves are also open to the public and offer varying experiences that can range from a walk along a well-lit path to a spelunker’s dream challenge.

Wonderful Cave Tours:
 (For those new to visiting caves, these caves are easily accessible.)

Wild Cave Tours: (For more experienced cave visitors.)


  1. Smoke Hole Caverns Resort

    Smoke Hole Caverns magnificent formations are the result of millions of years of intricate processes and trillions of drops of mineral laden...

    City: Seneca Rocks

  2. Organ Cave

    A National Historic Landmark plus A National Natural Landmark plus we are on the Civil War Trail. We are the 2nd longest commercial cave on...

    City: Organ Cave

  3. Lost World Caverns

    Descend 120 feet below the Earth's surface into a vast wonderland of stalactites and stalagmites. Lost World Caverns, discovered in 1942, is...

    City: Lewisburg

  4. Seneca Caverns Company

    The Seneca Cavern tour is approximately 45 minutes and 1 mile of trail.  There are quite a few steps, as you'll descend 165 ft below ground,...

    City: Riverton

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