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West Virginia Geological and Economic Survey

Our Mission

Provide timely, responsive, unbiased and credible geoscience information to promote thoughtful public policy; to help create prosperity; and to maintain a high level of environmental quality, economic opportunity and quality of life for all West Virginians. 

Applied Coal Resources
Applied Oil and Gas Resources
General Geoscience
Information Services
Geographic Information Systems Coordinator (GIS)

Our Organization
  • Applied Coal Resources Program: Collects, archives, interprets and correlates information towards production of an accurate inventory of coal occurrence, thickness, characteristics and chemistry in West Virginia.
  • Applied Oil and Gas Resources Program: Performs research, compiles data and responds to requests for information related to oil and gas resources in the state.
  • General Geoscience Program: Performs basic and applied research, analyzes and interprets data, and transmits geological information to the public in the areas of geological mapping, non-fuel mineral resources, geological hazards and water issues.
  • Information Services Program: Supports information technology in the agency, disseminates information to the public via the Web site and public-access services, and participates in geoscience and energy research.
  • Geographic Information Systems Coordinator: Lead efficient, cost-effective development of statewide geographic information systems to serve government and the public.

Our Role

  • Serve as a regional point of contact and access to a wealth of geological data about West Virginia.
  • Answer questions and conduct inventories on geologic aspects of environmental issues such as water use, geologic hazards, facility sighting and waste disposal.
  • Provide expertise on the fuel and non-fuel geologic endowment of the state.
  • Conduct unbiased research on a range of topics on the natural resources and environmental issues.
  • Map bedrock and surficial geology.
  • Disseminate scientific information through presentations, meetings and conferences for both scientists and nonscientists, through electronic and print media in the form of journal and popular articles, and through the Internet in the form of Web pages that present the results of geological investigations.
  • Conduct outreach to schools through classroom instruction, field trips and displays.
  • Look for funding opportunities from Federal and other programs to support the goals of the agency.

Dr. Michael Hohn
Dr. Michael Hohn

West Virginia Geological and Economic Survey
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Morgantown, WV 26508-8079
Fax: 304-592-2575
Geological Survey 2012
Geological Survey 2012 Annual Report

The West Virginia Geological and Economic Survey provides information on coal, carbon sequestration and the exploration for natural gas in the Marcellus Shale. Read the agency's 2012 Annual Report.